The Vision Behind Great Looks- A Multi-Cultural Salon

Our vision has always been centered towards building a community focused cultural center of beauty and style. One that allowed a camaradie to build amongst those that might never have interacted before and allow them to be unified in finding the best look for themselves despite their ethnic background. We focused on developing a dedicated, professional and ‘forward thinking’ team that cater to our guests for the ultimate salon experience. We dedicate monthly time to ensure that our staff continually focuses on education and has the knowledge to provide our guests with the most current hair trends for all walks of life.

Our Vision


Education and professional growth is something that we take very seriously. We owe it not only to our customers but also to ourselves as professionals to be contemporary with our craft. With that in mind, the Great Looks team stays current with a vast number of certifications, techniques and styling products. Our forward-thinking team travels extensively to various shows and seminars; which allows them to learn and absorb global trends in hair, makeup, and fashion so that our guests can be the beneficiaries. Our professional hair care services offer a comprehensive range of cutting, coloring, highlighting, relaxing, hair extensions and threading services for both male and female clientele. Our highly trained staff can provide everything from a simple trim to a complete new look. 


We constantly have our eye out for talented, dedicated and professional young stylists that are just getting started in the industry. We provide an apprenticeship program which allows less experienced stylists to gain education, training and techniques in a controlled-closely monitored environment. All of the interns are trained and supervised by Denise and must pass a rigorous 'in-house' training program which is above and beyond what they learn in beauty school, before they are permitted to cut/style a GL client. This allows our customers the opportunity to grow with a junior stylist and receive discounted pricing for hair services.

Community Involvement


Great Looks Salon proudly partners with local organizations which provide emotional, educational and monetary support for those less fortunate members of our community. GL hosts fundraisers in the salon and are active partners in offsite fundraising events. 


Offering Hope, Strength, and Courage for Breast Cancer Survivors! 


If you or someone you know and care about is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, you understand how drastically life can be altered during this time. Dealing with the disease's symptoms and treatments is difficult enough. But, in the case of women and children, coping with the extreme changes in outward appearance may seem even worse. The psychological and emotional effect of mastectomy and/or chemotherapy related hair loss can be tantamount to a secondary disease resulting in stress, anxiety, and many levels of depression. It can result in loss of self-esteem and confidence.


Cancer treatment is not the only condition that can result in hair loss. One of out of every 100 people suffers with Alopecia Areata, or unnatural hair loss. This is a common autoimmune disease that, while not life threatening, can also have psychological and emotional effects similar to those experienced by cancer patients. That's why GL is here to help! We provide products that are natural looking and beautiful that will improve a patients' outward appearance and help them regain a greater sense of well-being.

  • Private, personal consultations by Denise Taylor, a licensed and experienced cosmetologist

  • We can service and order customized wigs and products for full or partial hair loss

  • We can order turbans and scarves

  • We offer therapeutic scalp massage

Chase and Denise Taylor

Great Looks Salon is owned and operated by partners Chase and Denise Taylor. The couple started this salon with a unique 'vision' to provide clients from every walk of life with high-end hair services along with amenities at a fair and reasonable price structure. The Taylor's have

worked to develop an atmosphere that is welcoming to each client's unique needs and taste. The highest form of hair craftsmanship is their standard and they except nothing less from the staff that they have hired and offer the privilege to work with their clients.

They take pride in developing strong and loyal relationships with their clients, partners and staff. Every innovative technique, new idea, every imaginative feature of the salon is developed to create a styling experience that always stays with each of our clients. They Taylor’s want each experience to feel uniquely instinctive, visceral and distinctive! We call it …being ‘alive’!

The Taylor's uniform goal is to ensure that each client recognizes their profound commitment to superior service and excellence from the moment they step inside GL salon.

Denise and Chase are passionate about donating their time and resources to the local Mercer County community and you will see them at various charitable events, regional foundations and local fund-raising programs. Both of them support the local chambers of commerce, as they strive to give back to the customers that have helped them to be successful. The Taylor's focus will continue to provide their clients with beautiful, low maintenance hair which offer the fashion forward looks of the world's top salons at prices their customer base can afford.

Their uncompromising vision continues to set new benchmarks in the beauty industry and they are just getting started! They welcome conversations regarding partnerships and franchise opportunities as they continue to plan and build for the future!